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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Does anyone really know?

What is heaven like? I have often pondered that question. I hope to go there some day. I hope so see many of my friends there. Including the ones I meet in blogland.

Some say the streets of heaven are paved with gold. Well, not sure I like that idea. I mean, who really wants to walk around on gold? Where is the fun in that? Let me run through the tall grass with some mud squishing up between my feet. And let there be at least one day when it snows and I can fall in the deep drifts and make snow angels with the little ones up there. Laughing and giggling while whatever dogs or cats I owned in this life bounce aboout chasing snow flakes and the snow balls that I throw at them.

I want to be able to lay in the middle of a big grassy fields with little one around me, looking at puffy clouds and seeing animals and people shapes in them.

I want to have fun like a child again, yet have my loved ones around me, laughing and playing like we did years ago.

I once heard billy graham give a speech about heaven. He says Heaven has to have animals in it for those who love animals here on earth. It is our job to take care of them and give them the heaven they deserve cause he thinks God does have a place for animals. He may be right. I hope he is. He says as long as what we like to do on earth is not a sin, we will be able to do it in heaven. That would be wonderful.

I could sing and dance with children while they roasted marshmallows out under the stars. ( cannot carry a tune in real life with we are talking about heaven and God would let me sing there.) I could laugh and listen to their stories like always loved to do when I was younger. I could read to them at night and tuck them in. Not necessarily my children but children who are in Heaven waiting for their parents or grandparents to arrive. I could help take care of them. That would be my heaven.


  1. Good question, but I'm afraid that this guy can't help you.

  2. I'd rather be free from the restrictions of any sort of body - this would allow true Oneness with everybody...

  3. My understanding of heaven is that we will finally be totally fulfilled - doing what we were created to do - and knowing and understanding all we ever wanted to know and understand. I would love to chat with people from the past - I'd love to see dinosaurs and other extinct animals and know what happened to them. I want to know what this life has all been about and whether I totally messed up. I think there will be people there we never thought would make it and people missing that we thought would be there - or maybe we won't remember them at all.

  4. Yes,a good question, indeed. I don't think it will be like any of your present hopes. Sorry. Not only can we not know, but I don't think it will be like anything we can think of. By definition. Maybe we will all be pleasantly surprised, but more like, surprise will be a meaningless term.