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Monday, March 9, 2009

The thought makes me angry

I clicked on the news today only to find out our state liqour control baord is sending the people who work in their stores to classes and we are footing the bill which will cost thousands of tax payers money. What kind of classes you ask? Classes that teach them manners and show them how to handle customers. They do not need classes for that. All they have to do is treat their customers right and if they do not do that, give them a warning once. If they don't learn from that warning, then fire them. There are enough people out there that want jobs who will treat the customers like they should be treated. Too many to worry about clerks who won't. Our tax money should not go for paying for their classes to learn what their parents should have taught them.


  1. Thank you for visiting my site and your lovely comments. I do agree there is much waste with public funds but I don't live in US so I hesitate to give an opinion though much is the same in Canada as is in your country. I do feel your new President has given the world much hope and I pray for him and all of us each night. We may be in different countries but we are neighbors who should always support each other. Take care, Bernie

  2. Thanks to the internet, I have many Canadian friends. I too pray for out president. The times are hard and they are going to need all the prayers we can offer. Thank you for your comments.