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Friday, May 22, 2009

Some times I sit down to do my blogging and there is nothing that pops into my mind. Today is one of those days but once I started blogging I remembered something that happened the other night.

I sent a text to my daughter the other day. Well, it was like 3 in the morning and I was tired but could not sleep so I got this idea that I would send her some texts telling her how much a loved her and missed her and my grand baby. The next day my son in law sent me a rather scathing text demanding to know who I was and why I was sending him such love messages at 3 in the morning. Imagine his shock when I sent a text back saying it was me. LOL My daughter said he was mortified.

I just heard on the news were a pit bull attacked another child. I know alot of you will say it is the dogs fault but in all the cases recently it has been the owners fault. Who lets a five year old who had not been around a certain, let alone a pit bull feed it? The dog did not know the boy very well and it is hard to tell what let to that happening. Today a woman goes off into another room and leaves her small baby in the room alone with a pit bull. Dogs often see babies as toys and when the baby cried I guess the dog saw him as a squeaky toy and bit him. I have dogs. They are very gentle dogs but when my grandchild is here, I do not leave her alone with the dogs cause you never know what I child is going to do to set them off.

I have friends who have never had any dogs but pits and rotties. Their dogs have never bitten anyone because they were trained and they knew the bloodline of the dogs the bought. And you do not leave babies alone with them or any dog for that matter.

Any dog will bite you under the right circumstances. These are pics of three of my four. They have never bitten me but I feel sure they would if they were teased or I yanked their tail and ears the way kids do.


  1. Afraid I've never been a pet person - I'll stick to the kids, thanks!

  2. I had a cocker spaniel that gradually went nuts due to inbreeding (I had no idea about puppy mills and that so much inbreeding was rampant) and he ended up biting my son - not seriously, but I put the dog down.
    I had a fairly grumpy dog growing up - he would often give warning nips if he was teased or someone tried to take away his bone or food (although he did eventually allow me near him while he ate because I did NOT tease him and was very patient in letting him know I wouldn't take it). He was never left alone with kids who didn't know how to treat dogs and he was never a problem. He was also quite protective of me and wouldn't allow anyone to hurt me. My last dog would snap in warning but if he actually nipped, he became so upset - he was worse off than his unintended victim. Neither dog EVER snapped without good cause. Which brings me to the point that the only problem with dogs is people. We over breed them - including dogs likely to have a bad temperment - we raise them improperly - we fail to teach others how to treat them - and we may trust them before understanding the nature of the dog or the children left with them. But just as you can't stop unqualified people from reproducing, you can't stop them from owning dogs. Maybe pet owners should be screened and licensed so that the dogs can be tagged.
    My son's dog now is so good natured that he has yet to even growl outside of play. He allows you to even reach in his mouth for what he's chewing on (although you might have a job of catching him first). When you offer him a tidbit - he never snatches but often gently takes it with his lips. Still,I would never leave him alone with a kid I didn't know.

  3. I read your post with humor over the text messages to sadness over the dog. I am a dog person, it has only been the last few years that I haven't had one. Living over fifty years with dogs of all breeds and I can honestly tell you Garnet that not once did a dog growl of snap at me. I too was cautious when children were around but our dogs again were always so good natured, you made me realize how much I miss having a pet....maybe it's time...:-) Hugs

  4. A German Shepherd bit me in the face once when I was a kid and playing on his back on a hot day. Since I lived to tell about it, I'm sure it wasn't too hard, but I do have a mark on my lip.