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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hubby decided that I needed to go for a ride since I had been cooped up too long. It did not take alot of convincing after he told me I would not have to get out of the car to walk very much.

The first place he took me to was the Foxburg Inn, a lovely little restaruant along the allegheny river. We had not been there for some time and he wanted me to see what it was like since it was completed. It sits along the Allegheny River in a very small town Called Foxburg. A very ritzy place for here but I guess the city people like to come down here to relax and get away from it all.

We then drove up to the foxburg golf course which is the oldest course the country. It is protected by the Natonal Parks foundation and has many lovely old homes surrounding it. HOmes that have been there since the golf course started many years ago.

We then went to Emlenton. It is one of those quaint little towns started by the oil barons in the 1800's. Many of the old mansions they built are still standing and being used as homes. It still has that old time feeling about it. Especially if you stop at the Olde Emlenton Mill, a little country store that has all kinds of antiques in it. I often get lost in there when I do go to shop for gifts.

We topped the trip off with a soft serve ice cream cone. Yes, it was a lovely trip and a wonderful summer day for it.


  1. How sweet of your husband to talk you into taking a drive...it's good to do something of that nature together...and then icecream makes it even better...
    Hope soon you will be better too!

  2. Your husband sounds very thoughtful Garnet. And it sounds like a very good day the two of you had together. Enjoy those times together. They mean more than anything!

  3. Score one for hubby. Sounds like a nice outing.

  4. I did good by picking this hubby. He really comes through for me in the tough times. *s*

  5. Garnet, I am so glad you had such a lovely drive with your husband and I would love to see those homes, I bet they are beautiful.
    That ice cream sure sounds good. I hope your knee is a bit better my friend, I continue to pray for you.
    Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  6. SO glad you got out of that house sweetie!!! Does 'ya good!hughugs