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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The day was a wonderful warm sunny, yet breeze day. The kind of day you imagine when you see a picture of a woman walking along the the beach, her hair blowing in the breeze as her skirt and hair whip about her. I had such a great day.

It started when my bil called to tell the how much he loved the titan peeler I gave to him and his wife. It is one of those things you see on t.v and feel you have to have. I like mine so well I got one for my sils and my daughter. Great little gadget that lives up to its name.

Then my long time friend of about 40 years, closer to fifty years called to tell me about her wonderful vacation she had where she flew to Vegas with her husband and two sons, then rented a car then drove to Yellowstone then took the scenic route along the ocean down to California. She was one of those women who came from nothing, I do mean nothing. We had to feed her and her mother and brothers most of the time cause they had no food in the house and this was before food stamps. She could have remained in the gutter but she quit school to take care of her dying mother and moved down south where she got a job and worked all her life and saved to get where she is now. Her first marriage failed but her second is to a wonderful man whom she has been married to for over 25 years and she has two great sons. She became a christian and gives God all the credit for how she turned out. I asked her today if she thought when she was a child, wondering where her next meal would come from, did she ever dream her life and mine would turn out so well? She didn't and neither did I but it has gone well for both of us except for a few bumps in the road.

Then my daughter called to say she is moving from south carolina to the outer banks in North Carolina. It will be a few hours closer. She and the baby will be here for a week at the end of Sept and that made me happy. A very good day for me...


  1. Sunny days always make life sparkle...

  2. Awwwww...How wonderful for you All! Hope your day is filled with great big Smiles!!hughugs

  3. Garnet, I am so happy that your daughter and grandchild will be with you soon, and it's great to hear from old friends....they are the best of all.
    You are blessed and I am so pleased you have had such a pleasant day, you deserve it. Have another one today.......:-) Hugs

  4. Wishing you more great days Garnet!

  5. Wow! You did have a great day.
    And you have a friend who is a Christian and her joy comes in that walk.
    Life is good. Sometimes.

  6. Some days are just perfect aren't they?

  7. Hi Garnet, just popped in to say hello and see how you are doing. Hope all is well.....:-) Hugs