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Monday, December 28, 2009

I am way behind here folks. It has been a busy time here for us. Christmas came and went without much incident. It was a small but happy group here. I have been baking cookies though and making fudge to send out to some. My youngest did not want hers til after christmas so I am making fudge for her today. One with nuts and one without nuts just in case I have enough to give to my sil. Her sil is allergic to nuts and I don't want him to accidently eat something that will send him to the hospital. I am also making pumpkin fudge for my sil who is allergic to chocolate. He can eat white chocolate but not the dark.

My husband will eat any of it. He loves it all. I like it too and am afraid to take my sugar in the morning. LOL...Oh, well, this only happens once a year.

As you can see grandbaby was not afraid of Santa this year. She looks rahter perplexed by him though. *s* We had quite a chat with her on Christmas day.


  1. Anvilcloud's comment made me laugh. Your g/daughter is so cute sitting there in that big rocking chair. I am making fudge for my husband for New Year's Day!

  2. I agree with A/C ..... send fudge.
    Garnet you do sound busy but happy and I like that. How kind of you to make different things that each one can enjoy....now me I would make a batch and say help yourself. You are much nicer than I am. So glad your Christmas went so well, Happy New Year sweetie and I do hope it will be a wonderful year for you and your family.......:-) Hugs

  3. I love fudge - I think my sugar would be high for as long as I could get at it. But Pumpkin?

  4. AC..thanks. *s*

    Wanda...My hubby takes the fudge I do not send up to where He works. My sugar has been on overload and I don't eat it at this point.

    Bernie...Normally I would just say help yourself but some are deathly allergic to nuts of any kind chocolate. My son in law ends up in the hospital with chocolate and Travis would be in danger of choking to death if there were nuts in his cookies or candy. they make his throat swell shut.