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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I awoke early this morning and started the coffeemaker while I packed Bill's lunch for work.
I knew the day would not go well because I could not find my favorite cup to drink my coffee from. I have to have that cup it seems. I have others but that one is my favorite one. I have to drink from my second favorite one and it seems like the coffee just does not taste as good. I know it is silly but I am a creature of habit. I have a cupboard full of cups it seems and none of them are as good as the tall white one with a flower on it. My daughter got it for me for my birthday a few years ago and it might be because of sentimental reasons but I have always been that way.

Yesterday we took my eldest daughter out to eat at CiCi's, a local chain of pizza's. The daughter likes that place and it is a cheap fun place to go for a family. She was home for a few days and we took her there before driving her over to her apartment.

Last week I ordered a phone from verizon. They sent me the wrong one. They sent me a prepaid phone and I do not have that kind of plan. I took the phone in to have it exchanged and what a hassle that was. They did not question the fact that they goofed but I stood in line over an hour while they figured out why their computer kept rejecting the exchange. Instead of getting angry, I decided to make the best of it and joked with the clerk and made conversation with other customers in another line. I don't tend to blame the clerks for an error someone else makes. I think she was glad I took it that way and really worked hard to try and mend things. Why blame her for something she had no contol over?


  1. I can often be magnanimous in similar situations but sometimes, frustration gets the best of me.

  2. It's best not to make a situation worse by reacting out of anger or frustration...keeps us happier in the long run!

  3. Our cell phone outfits seem to be just as bad with over the counter service.

  4. Love how you reacted over your phone and I am sure it was much appreciated by all those around you.
    You know Garnet I have a coffee mug with sheep on it that I bought in Ireland and I am positive my coffee taste so much better in my favorite cup....I find myself washing it if it's in the dishwasher before chosing another cup....oh yes, creatures of habit we are.......:-) Hugs