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Friday, January 1, 2010

Where are they?

I went around to visit some of my friends that I have not heard from for a long time. I wanted to wish them all a Happy New Year but many of them have not been on blogger for over 6 mos. Some of them were ill when they were posting last. I do hope they are all fine and just taking a leave from blogging.

I am up earlier then usual and planning on watching the parade. I have not watched it for several years and thought I would do so this year. I have my kraut in the crock pot along with a nice pork loin.

God Bless you all....


  1. Happy New Year!

    People inexplicably seem to drop off from blogging. Sometimes they come back, sometimes not. Life happens.

  2. Hi Garnet!
    I have been having a taste for sauerkraut and ribs. Now it's even stronger! Happy New Year!
    Love Di

  3. Hi Garnet, my mum always loved a roast of pork after having turkey for a week.....we all loved it as she always made dough boys for us kids......have a great day my friend, I hope you find out how your friends are doing, I don't like when someone just stops blogging without saying goodbye....but then it's really up to them.....:-) Hugs

  4. Most of my former bloggers have faded away -- from blogging, I mena.

  5. I experienced a friend in South Africa, who just deleted her blog one day without warning. I know she suffered with depression and I often wonder about her.

    Hope you have a good year Garnet!