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Sunday, May 2, 2010

knicknacs and friends.

I am a collector of Knic nacs. I have a collection of statues under three inches high on my desk. They have been sent to me by various friends and loved ones through the years.

It all started when my friend and Aunt Boots, short for Beulah, sent me the little Pomeranian dogs. When I look at them I think of all the times we sat around her table, drinking coffee, laughing and joking as we crocheted together. She was left handed and decided to teach me, a righty how to do it. Either I was an excellent student or she was a good teacher but I learned how to crochet in about fifteen minutes. She love Poms and always had her little Pom, Ginger at her side.

The cardinal came from my mother. She lost her sight when she was seven and one of the last things she saw was a robin in the yard of the old farmhouse. She loved birds and cardinals were her favorites because of the bright red coloring.

The platypus is from my friend Penelope from Australia. She had I were pen pals for years and we shared alot in our letters. I grew to like her alot. Circumstances changed for us and she was unable to keep the correspondence up. I still think of her fondly when I see the platypus bill sticking out over the top of my desk.

So many of these things were given to me by friends and I really do enjoy looking at them. I love them. All of them. And I love the people who gave them to me.


  1. It's the stories and memories that go with them, eh?

  2. What a fun collection! I collected plates from Gone With the Wind and A Christmas Carole!