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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just some thoughts.

It is very hot here and I am staying in where it is cool til this evening then may out into the backyard and sit for awhile. I like to do that in the summer. I often go out with nothing but a book or my Cd player and cds and listen to music as I watch the sun go down. Hubby often joins me. We are like two old people on the porch and reminiscing about the old days..lol...

My daughter and her hubby took the baby and went for a day long picnic. Her hubby was not going to do it but I know my daughter has been overwhelmed with worry and I took him aside and told him she needed a day with him and the baby and no worries. (he had been asking why she was so angry lately) She has been trying so hard to keep things going for them and I know she just needs some family time for the three of them without mom and dad hearing every word they are saying and really talking things out.

My son in law is the type that looks like he never worries but he does. He just shoves it down in and goes on like nothing is wrong. So, I think they need alot of time alone right now.
I went so far as to tell them I will watch the baby for two days next week while they go on a short camping trip so it can be just them. They need that.

I am working on a quilt for a friend who is the ultimate Steelers fan in my book. He is paying me for it and I told him I would have it done by playoff time, which is at the end of Nov. I should have it done by Sept but I want to make sure it is done right and it is all by hand except for part of the piecing.

So, it may be a blessing in some ways that I am sitting as I can work on the quilt and get it done then buy my husband a nice gift for his birthday.

I will love having the baby here with just me and my hubby.


  1. You seemed to be very attuned to others. I'm sure they will appreciate it -- either now or later.

  2. I love knowing you are enjoying the lovely summer weather with your husband, and you are right the kids need time to talk to each other without everyone hearing what they are saying. You are a good mom. Don't over do it with the little one though, especially until you can walk on your own, she would be a handfull. Have a great Sunday......:-) Hugs

  3. You sound like such an understanding mother! And I am so glad that you have that quilt to work on, projects are great! Spending time with your grandbaby should do you some good too, they keep us young don't ya think? Love Di ♥

  4. Jeannie---Not so much gracious but I do know what it is like to be a young married couple who is going through some tough times.
    They need to just connect to each other and not worry about me hearing all they say and do.

  5. donna..you are so right. They keep you young...*s*