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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mixed bag

I guess you might say this weekend was a mixed bag of emotions for all of us in our family. We did have a good time with all the fireworks and cookouts that went with celebrating the fourth but in the back of our minds we were thinking about Johnny.

Johnny is a cousin whome we all thought alot of. His family and my husbands family were very close. They were raised next door to each other. In 1980 or there abouts, Johnny graduated from school. He was mentally handicapped and was so happy to have his first job as a tree trimmer. I cannot recall the exact way it happened but he was hurt at work and never the same after that. He was like a child in a man's body.
Last week he had a stroke. A very bad one. We were told Saturday there was nothing more they could do for him and they were pulling he the plug when his brother came up from Fla.

He had been hanging on for the past several days but he had been in and out of the hospital for years, dodging the grim reaper each time. Johnny was definitely a fighter and for several years just did not give up. But I think it is time he went home to be with God. I know it is sad and some may want to see him linger on but I don't feel he would want that.

I know letting a loved one go is never easy. It was not easy for me when they looked at me and said, "What should we do?" I went by what my mom asked me to do when she had her living will made out and told them to remove her from the machines. She did not die right away. She lived a month longer and died peacefully.

It will net be easy for Johnny's loved ones to let go but when does caring become cruelty? We care about them so much we want them to hang on but sometimes caring means letting them to. There is a home waiting for Johnny and I know he will be in a better place where he will no longer be in pain. He can be happy like he was when he was 19 and looking forward to that first job...He can laugh, smile and talk so people can understand him again. Pray for his family and pray they understand this.

So while we were watching our children live, laugh and play while the fireworks went off, we were also praying for the family that was watching one of their children die.


  1. It's really so sad - but I agree that it is likely less cruel in the long run. I think many people are afraid that they might feel guilty if they let their loved ones go.

  2. This is so sad Garnet. But I strongly believe that Johnny is in a much better place than we are. I will pray for his family.
    Love Di ♥

  3. I strongly believe in being merciful in such cases.

  4. I too agree with AC....it is merciful to allow Johnny to go, he has had more than his share of pain and suffering in this world....:-)Hugs

  5. Bless your heart...Prayers here for you all sweetie!