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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not long ago I told you about a young man who was taken off Life support. He died last night. Very peacefully, he just slipped away. I am saddened by his death but relieved at the same time. He will not be suffering any more. He had been so ill for so long.

What I find amazing about all this is this young man was not only ill but retarded at the same time. When his parents went to the funeral home to make arrangements, they found out that Jon made arrangements of his own years ago. He had everything planned out and his parents did not have to do a thing.I know how hard it was for me to make some decisions that had to be made when my mom died.

It got me to thinking about how things should be when I pass on. I have decided to make my arrangements now. I have let them know what all I want done and will email the director later a bout what all I want read and sung at my funeral. I think anything that will make things easier for my family should be done ahead of time. I know I wish someone would have done that when My mom died.

Otherwise, I would not have worn that awful looking dress to the first viewing. I am not making light of that either. It was just a terrible mistake I made and one woman had the nerve to let me know how awful I looked in that dress. She meant well but I still cringe when I think of it. Had I a sister, she could have helped me in that way. But all i had was cousins who lived so far away.


  1. Really Garnet, I don't think that it matters what you wore. I mean when we go to our parents funeral, really that is tough enough.
    My mother is in a better place than I, no matter what I wore. Love Di ♥

  2. donna..I know it does not matter but a woman made a comment that she was so glad I did not dress trashy the day of the funeral and that stuck with me.

  3. I can see I need to do more work on this tommorrow.

  4. I don't have any plans in mind for when I go. While I'd like no service and no normal burial, I guess it doesn't matter since I won't be there. Whatever they do will be as much for them as for me. Whatever I want, if they want me in a plot marked with a tombstone, that will be their call.