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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A cold bitter weekend,that is for sure.

The grand is in Mass. with her mom. They had to go to a wedding where she was flower girl and her mom was maid of honor.  I  think it is selfish of people to get married in Dec.  I know Christmas weddings are wonderful but those who go to the weddings often do not have the money for wedding gifts at this time of the year.  My daughter was upset that she would not have a gift for her friend because money is so tight for them right now.  I think I new years eve wedding would be great but not right before Christmas.

The dogs are all safe.  They hit the owners with 18 counts of animal abuse and they will get hit with heavy fines.   They had to take two of the dogs to a vet and have some work done on them.  But all will be spayed, nuetered and new homes will be found.  They will foster them until they find homes for them.

I have not done the tree yet.  I have to get to it and I am dragging my feet on that one.  Just not in the mood yet.  The mood will hit me some time soon, I hope.


  1. Oh Garnet... that's good news about the dogs. They should tie the owner to a tree and leave him out overnight in the cold. See how he likes it. Not seeing my girls for Christmas is keeping me from getting into any kind of spirit. Hopefully, it will turn around for both of us.

  2. Those poor dogs. Why do people get animals at all if they are just going to leave them? I wonder if they are stealing them to sell if it keeps happening?

    I just put my tree up today. That's it so far for Christmas.

    Sorry that your daughter's husband has left her. It's so sad that so many marriages just don't work out. I think we are all under a lot of pressure in our society and so we have unreasonable expectations of others that just can't be lived up to.

  3. I always worry about those less fortunate at this time of year, true friends will understand how tight money is right now for your daughter. Are you having your daughters and granddaughter for Christmas? That will put you in the mood for decorating I'm sure. Be well my dear friend.....:-)Hugs

  4. Just got our tree decorated last evening...I enjoy the lights at night so maybe that will help me get more in the mood...made some goodies too and will again today...gives me something to do when we have been snowed in and now today it will not get to 0 so may as well turn on the oven and warm up the house. :)

    I am thankful to hear this about the dogs...thanks to you they will be in happy homes.

    I have had similar thoughts about December weddings as well. Hopefully the bride and groom are understanding and more about getting married then about getting gifts.

    Happy Sunday...stay warm! XX

  5. Hi Garnet,
    I am sorry that I haven't been around, just having rough times lately. But I have read your posts. I am so glad that the dogs will be taken care off. I so hate hearing about animal abuse.
    I hope that your mood will allow you to enjoy doing your tree soon. It can be difficult at times. This being my first Christmas without my mom, I really can understand that!
    You do persevere! Our faith will get us through! Love Di ♥