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Monday, December 6, 2010

It has been a very busy week for me. A week filled with ups and downs.

My grand has been with me for five days.  I have spent much of the time playing with her and that has been a joy but the reason she is here is because her dad left her mom and mom has not been able to find a sitter for the odd shifts she is working this time of the year.  We sort of expected something like this would happen and we did all we could to help prevent it but you know, there are just some things you cannot stop so you just have to hope they work things out.  Only time will tell.

Then my husband went over to check on dogs some people who own the woods across from us left tied out.  Some of them are tied and some are loose but the condition they were in was not good.   They were tied out on chains that were all tangled around trees and bushes.  No one has been back there for a couple of days. It has been freezing and over a foot of snow today.

We called the ASPCA and they came out and decided the dogs had to be taken and the owners charged with abandonment.  They dogs were so friendly but they were very shy and the woman said they would make good pets for someone but the Shepard will have to see a vet.  He had blood dried on his back and hind quarters. The dogs were so hungry they were digging up the snow and trying to ead the frozen ground.

No one lived on the property and No one has gone back that road to feed them or to just pet them until we did.  It was a horrible sight.  The pics are of the ones that are tied, not the ones that are loose cause they would not come around.  I felt bad for them. 

We could not just let it go.  This is the second time our family has turned them in for animal abuse.  Others have done it too but they just keep getting animals they do not want and putting them back there. I don't know why....


  1. Good for you for calling the ASPCA. Those people ought to be chained to trees and left out in the cold. That makes me so angry. Poor babies. Hope they are in a nice warm place right now with plenty of food.

  2. That's so sad. Good on you guys for stepping in.

  3. Poor dogs :-(

    I got cold just looking at you photos.


  4. This makes me so sad and angry that these people continue to treat animals in such a way. I am really thankful that you turned them in and that these animals are now safe and getting food and shelter.

    I am sorry about your daughters marriage...you've talked about this in the past and it is sad that it's happened but just maybe things will get better for all of them soon. How nice that your granddaughter can be there with you and your husband...she is getting the stability and love she needs during this time. I pray all of this work out for the best of all involved. Bless you for your big heart. XX

  5. Good Lord!! Horrible thing! Thank God for you and your husband...
    So sorry about the family problems...It'll work out one way or another but thank goodness you are there for them!

  6. I have never understood how anyone could be cruel to an animal or any living thing really, so sad. I am so glad you reported them Garnet, it was the right thing to do....Hugs

  7. You most certainly did the right thing. Those poor guys. It breaks my heart reading this saga.

    Thank you for taking care of them. I hope those people get the punishment they deserve. It is not fair to treat anything, especially harmless, trusting pets that way.

  8. Oh, those poor dogs! (Sorry--Hi, I came over here from Barb's site...had to comment on this, though!)