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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have decided to take the music thing off.  I love the songs but it was getting to be annoying.  I may just have the music on my other blog which I do not do near as often as I should. 

My three year old grand  baby locked me out yesterday.  There I was, an old lady walking about the snowy yard in my night gown, looking for a window to to crawl into or a door that might be open.  I found a window but it was too high for me and I had to use a ladder. It was snowing, blowing and I was staggering all over trying to get the ladder up.  I fell. I did not hurt much more then my pride.  Rolling around in the snow in my night gown was not an attaractive sight, I can tell you that.  I was wet and cold but I managed to keep my composure as I shook the snow from my nightgown. I finally coaxed my anxious grand baby over to the door and walked thru unlocking it.  She did not get it right the first time but she did she second time and I was able to get in and I did not freeze my butt off.

Her dad finally wised up and decided to spend some time with her so he has ber today and tomorrow and I will be taking her with us down to visit mary on Saturday.  I hope it quits snowing by then but it does not look like that is going to happen.

I wrote this earlier in the day but did not get it posted.  I had to stop and get dinner for my hubby and my mil.  We have her here every night for dinner.  Someone asked me why and I told them she is 85 and often will not eat because she does not want to cook for herself.  I can understand that.

My husband gets mad as his one sister and brother.  His sister drives by ten times a day and often does not stop for days at a time to see how his mom is. I told him she knows we take care of her mom and she does not have to worry.  He says she still should stop and visit or take her out to her house once and awhile.  The brother lives about 20 miles from here and stops when he can but he cannot always be here.  But I love his mom. She was more like a best friend to me then a mother in law and I love her dearly.


  1. I think you are wonderful to make supper for your MIL each night, every DIL should be so kind.
    I had to chuckle hearing that you locked yourself out of the house, amazing that you were able to talk the little one into unlocking the door, now next time you want to play in the snow put some clothes on....lol
    .......:-) Hugs

  2. I was really feeling sorry for you stumbling around in that cold mess and even falling with very improper attire on. Glad you made it in safely. We are both getting way to old for experiences like that. Your MIL is one lucky lady to have you looking after her. I am sure God really smiles when he thinks of people like you.

  3. Great look to the blog! When you wrote about being locked out in a nightie it's funny but when it's you in that spot it is far from fun. Glad you got in. I think it's great that you take care of your MIL. Yes, I think all her kids should pop in and out regardless if they have to worry about her. That's only right. I had this problem when Dad lived with us. My brothers never came around. Always some kind of an excuse. So sad.

  4. Bless you for being so kind and giving...always doing and caring for others...how great that you are able to have these suppers with your mother in law...I am sure it means a lot to your husband that you so willingly do this...you will not regret doing this as you both are getting this special time with her...she won't be around forever and those that did not take time for her will regret it after she is gone...sadly that is how it is all too often...regreting we didn't take time for the people in our lives...I am very touched that you do this...I would do the same for mine as well...I have gotten locked out of the house before..not in my nightgown thankfully or in the cold...glad you were able to talk her through it...lol...glad her daddy is spending time with her....safe travels in the snow...hope you have a good weekend! XX

  5. My mother in law is very easy to be good too. She has always treated me like one of her own and has been a wonderful friend to me when I needed one.

    Odie..you are right. I am way too old for it and my bones are telling me so today. *lol*

  6. I love your new look Garnet! You are sweet to cook for your MIL and it's wonderful that you are friends. Sorry to hear about your mishap at being locked out, glad you made it back in safely! I was locked out a couple of weeks ago too! Love Di ♥