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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We did not get to see Boldts Castle this year.  We have decided to go there next year on our fortieth.  I got sick with Bronchitis and hubby got some sort of bug too.  Neither felt real well but we did get to see the zoo up in Erie with Alix.  I went straight to the docs and got some meds to take for it.  I was having some problems breathing and a really nasty sinus headache that would not go away.  The thing is, we did enjoy seeing the things we did  and we had a great time with Alix.
How many of you would stay married to a man who molested children.?  Or woman?  My friend is always gushing about going to visit her husband who is in prison for several more years.  He not only molested his son but other children as well.  He is doing a long stretch for it and She was asked why she would not divorce him.  She said she married him for better or worse............well, I married my husband for better or worse too but I would not harm anyone who hurt children the way that man did.  Even his own son?  How can she just go on and act like he did not harm anyone?  I just do not understand some people.


  1. Hope you guys are all feeling better. I could not justify any husband who molested children especially his own and standing by him. NO WAY!

  2. I also do not understand how anybody could stay married to a child molester or a child killer I just do not get it......

    Hope you are feeling better.......

  3. My sister-in-law chose her husband over her daughter when it came out that he'd molested her (not his daughter). So the girl was on her own at barely 16 and still in school. Needless to say, she has issues still (at 40+). My s.i.l. eventually divorced her husband when it came out that he'd cheated on her. Making things even more awkward - their son was living with her and when the "new" woman kicked out his father - he went back and lives with the son & his family and my s.i.l. One big happy family! And my s.i.l. doesn't understand why her daughter won't come to the house to see them. duh.

  4. I'm so sorry that you've all been under the weather and hope you start feeling well soon Garnet!
    I agree with you on the other subject, molesters aren't for me either.
    Love Di ♥

  5. I agree with you and don't have any use for people that harm the little ones.