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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Like any other day...

Today started out like any other day. I got up early and had the coffee on by seven.  I had a breakfast of coffee and cereal.  I laid for a few more minutes then got up to do my chores and work on an aghan I am making for my second great niece which is due in Sept.  About noon I heard the dogs barking.

I went out back to see what they were barking about. I noticed the same three men were removing things from my neighbors yard. Not really a yard but a place where they had some junk cars stored.  I thought it was about time they cleaned that place out. I  had seen these men around there before and thought they were just back taking some junk off the property so  I paid no heed to it.

There had been a white van down there that had been left there a few weeks ago.  They tipped it over and took the tires off and did something to the inside after removing the tires.

I went back to my knitting and awhile later I heard pounding on the door.  It was the lady who owned the property.  She was frantic.  Someone had stripped her car and tore the back off a pickup her husband had parked further back.  She said she left the van there cause the transmission was going and a man was coming to fix it for 150 dollars tomorrow.

I told her the men had been there two or three times taking things and since they were selling the property, we thought it was people just cleaning up the area for them.  

She is coming here tomorrow so she can watch to see if the men come back.  She thinks she knows who it is.

I hope she finds out who it is but does not confront them.  I hope she will just call the cops.  I don't want her to confront them as one never knows what someone will do in that situation.


  1. For some reason, probably because I am warped and weird, this amuses me.

  2. I've had neighbors going on holiday specifically tell me that nothing was being moved out while they were gone so if I saw anything...

    I saw a kid hanging out one day in a strange way - found out later that house was robbed.

    Still, these guys are pretty bold.

    And I agree - don't confront - take pictures and call the cops.

  3. I think I would have called the cops to begin with. As a matter of fact I have when the house next door was vacant for many years and all of a sudden there was a truck parked in the driveway in back. Now it turned out to be nothing but better to be safe. Ypou just never know these day and I would hope that my neighbors would do the same for me.
    Love Di ♥

  4. You definitely need to be alert on this one. Not just for her sake but for your own as well. If these guys would do this in daylight they can definitely be harmful. Take care!

  5. I agree with Barb that you are close enough to be more involved that you would want to be so be careful and be ready to call the cops if you see them again. Don't want any harm coming to you my friend.

  6. Well, the owner was here again today and she left me various numbers to call in case I see the guys but I will just call 911 if I see them again.

  7. As I was reading this my first thought was that the guys where stealing stuff and have to say I am with you I would just call the cops that is their job to deal with theifs........