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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busy summer with all the outdoor activities going and having the little one around to watch much of the week.  Well on weekends.

Our garden has been doing great and we had a fairly decent harvest out of it.  Our fruit trees have done okay but could have been better.  However, we did get to can some plums this year.  I canned them.

Alix had her 4th b.d. party today and many could not make it for various reasons but she had fun anyway. We got her a trycycle and some clothes as well as a doll.  Another guest got her roses cause she told him she loved flowers. How many four year olds get roses for a gift?  He is a nice man who spoils her rotten.

There is a blight on every thing though. My eldest mental illness is giving her problems again so we will be taking her to the mental hospital near here.  She really does have some issues and I hope they can help.  She was doing well then it all came crashing down.  I will visit your blogs tomorrow.


  1. That's how life is. Some things are good or even very good - but then something else is a struggle. At least your daughter is getting care - and not out on the street.

  2. Funny I was just thinking about you yesterday and here you are. The little one is getting so big. She doesn't have the toddler look anymore does she? Glad she enjoyed her party. Sorry about your daughter. Do you think she stopped taking meds? Just wondering. Hopefully she'll get back on top again soon. Lots of hugs to you!

  3. Well, it's happy news for the little one but not so good for the big one. It must be so difficult.