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Saturday, November 12, 2011

About Bedtime Blessings...

I am one who cannot study my bible with back ground noises such as tv and people talking so I redid one of our spare bedrooms into a sewing/reading room. It is really nice to get away and read with no distractions. 

While I was in there this morning I came across a book titled BEDTIME BLESSINGS by John Trent, Phd.  It is a book of activities you can do to help your little ones learn about God and stay interested in Him for awhile, hopefully, a life time.

My youngest daughter is not a firm believer in any form of religion.  She is  spiritualistic, she says.  Whatever that is, that is what she is.  I have her daughter every weekend though and we take her to church.  My daughter has no problem with this.  I have decided to do some of these activities with her and one is writing a letter to God every night.  I think it is such a cool idea.  She can talk to me about what she wants God to know and I will write the words for her and let her pretend to write.  This book is filled with Great ideas like that.  I am going to donate it to our church when I am done with it cause there are many young couples with children in there and I know they would use it.

I think I may be the only way my grand daughter will learn about Jesus and I am going to do what I can to make sure she does know.


  1. I meant this for my other blog but I am going to leave it on here. I will do another for this one later today or tomorrow some times. I will be around to visit your blogs.

  2. Always good to hear from you Garnet. Hope all is well with your daughter too. Keep us posted.

  3. Your granddaughter is very blessed to have a sweet grandmother to teach her about Jesus!
    Love Di ♥

  4. When my girls where little I would take them to church each week but now they all say they are not into religion...........it is so frustrating allowing them to be adults......lol

  5. Well, all I can do is pray for them. All of them.