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Friday, February 27, 2009

How do we define richness?

My friend Lou lives down the road from in in a rather run down country home with her daughter. She has very little to live on but you never see her without a smile on her face. She is well past 75 and has spent most of her life volunteering to help others. I have never seen her without a cause or a needy person to help in some way. Whether it is with the few pennies she has or time. She is always there, willing to help lend a hand or do whatever she can to help someone out in some way. I am sure she has the same aches and pains others her age have but she never complains to anyone.

Lou has God in her life and she lets Him guide her.

The only time I ever heard her cry or complain was when her husband of many years developed cancer and there was little she could do but watch him die slowly from it. Even then she cried more for the pain he was going through then she did for the pain she was suffering.

Then there is a long time friend of mine who has known richness all her life. When she was 16 she had her first thunderbird convertable along with a mink stole she wanted. It was a white mink and her mom made sure she had the best. If her parents had not given her what she wanted, her ex husband did. Her parents worked hard fot their millions. She did not. She was born into into them. She was always the prettiest, the brightest and had the best money could buy. Once her parents died and her husband divorced her for a younger model, she became a bitter, sad complainer.

She does not have to be that way. She can be the kind of woman her mother was. The kind who took her money and spread happiness and joy for those who did not have it in their lives. Seh could take her time and spend it with others who need someone just to talk ot or to listen to them but she would rather complain and be bitter.

Instead of praying for herself and others she would rather get drunk and complain.

So who is richer? My friend Lou, or this relative of mine?


  1. Richness of spirit is the one thing money can't buy.

  2. Lou, but your relative wouldn't understand.