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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Friends.....

I live in the boonies. That is fine in the summer when it is nce and sunny out and I can get out and listen to the birds, walk in the woods or go and visit a friend.

It is not so fine in the winter when the snow is blowing and the wind howling like it was this year.

I do have some wonderful friends though that make me smile every day. I have My little white Chihuahua . Her name is sassy. She never leaves my side. No matter where I go, she wants to go with me. There is jake, my part lab who loves the recliner and Olive Bean, Ollie for short who loves to tease the cats when he is not hassling Jake

I would be lost without these three. Nick the cat in this picture has passed on but Ollie has another one to play with and I will try and post pics of the cats later. I do thank the good lord I have these guys though..


  1. We have usually had an animal or two around -- cats in our case. I like dogs very much, but I don't think I want to take care of one.

  2. Hi! Love the darling animal pix...what WOULD we do without them? I talk to Tallulah all day long--the day she answers me...hmmm... (This is Sherri from Foziewisp blog; my Blogger ID is something funky and I don't know how to change it!)

  3. Thank you for for dropping in on my blog. Liverpool is quite a long way from where I live and I've never actually been there. Fish and chips is one of the Brits most loved fast foods.

    I always enjoy seeing other peoples pet pictures. My wonderful dog died many years ago and I've never wanted another much as I miss her companionship.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my place. We've had as many as three dogs at one time indoors. Right now we are dog less. And I don't think I want another. They are time consuming, and you have to worry if you're gone too long. We do have a cat at the moment, our youngest daughter and her daughter moved back home for a while and they had to bring their cat with them. I couldn't say no. He's a pretty good boy most of the time. Have to watch him as he loves to try biting my African violets. Have a wonderful week-end.