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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My husband is a day person. He rises at 6 each morning, gets his breakfast and walks the dogs before going to work. Often on his off days he gets me breakfast and wakes me at about 10 in the morning to start my day. He is not what I would call an animal lover the he tolerates them for my sake. He has for 36 years. He is a neat nik. A place for everything and every thing in it's place. Hi is so perfect at times it is annoying. He is also the type that does not mind being late for things.

I, on the other hand am a night person. I go to bed around 2 in the morning, sometimes later and get up whenever. I did not do this while kids where in school of course but they are grown and gone now. My kids often laugh about all the times they woke up at midnight and I was running she sweeper. I love animals. Dog hair does not bother me that much. I think a house should look lived in, not like it belongs in House Beautiful. I tend to be haphazard at times. I do like to be on time, though. I never want to be late for anything.

Some times I think he likes being the last to arrive for things just to annoy me.

So you w0nder how two such people manage to make a go of a marriage where they are so opposite....

Well, I for one do not believe any marriage is 50-50 like some say. I think that in any working relationship there is one who has to to give more than the other at different times. The point is in knowing when you have to be the one to give in and let the other partner have his or her way.

I think we have learned to do that. There was once a time when he would complain about me not going to bed at the same time. Now he is satisfied with me lying beside him reading while he drifts off to sleep then I get up and do whatever I wish.

He is not a traveler so I have learned to back off about traveling when he does not want to. I allow him his time in the woods where he likes to go off and just wonder around for a few hours and I don't worry about him any more. He is happiest when he is out taking pictures of flowers and animals.

So opposites do attract and they do have long happy marriages. Ours is proof of that.

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  1. While I think most couples are opposites to some extent, you guys are very opposite. You make it work though. How about marriage not being 50-50, but everybody gives 100% -- or something like that anyway?