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Monday, March 23, 2009

Press 1 for English

I am not one that normally complains about foreigners talking to me on the phone. Most of them I find very mannerly and likeable. I can live with picking up the phone and pressing one then finding someone on the other end whom I don't need a translator to tell me what he is saying.

I had called western union to ask if some money we were wiring to my daughter had arrived or some such thing. I got one of the people from India that works from there on the phone. He was trying to tell me an address and I was about ten minutes to make out the word 'forest' but we finally did it. Then there was a second word and I cannot think of what is was but it took awhile for us to get it all worked out.

The guy was very apologetic and I understood his apology and tried very hard not to show my anger at him. I know he was trying and my anger was directed more at the company who failed to take enough effort to find someone who spoke better English. Or they could have taught this one better.


  1. I can so relate to your blog tonight. I am a patient person but there have been times it has taken me almost an hour to finally get through to who I need to speak with only to realize this person speaks terrible English. I honestly believe that the US and Canada have enough people looking for work who could easily master these jobs. I know I am being critical but in my opinion the bottom line is $$$$ to these large corporations, perhaps as it should be, but personally I think it should be people and service to customers first. I have voiced my concern to managers, supervisors anyone who will listen about this problem. I am patient but I believe we have to stand up and speak out when we feel our own people who are desperately seaking jobs are being replaced for bottom line dollars. Bernie

  2. This is a frustrating situation my husband dislikes to deal with...not only are so many of our products made in foreign countries ...but having someone in India try to solve a local problem for you...just doesn't seem logical. Bernie is right...it's the $$$...our electric co. 'was' located in the nearest large city, Cincinnati,Ohio...now it's located 3 states away! Took almost 6 mos. to get reimbursed for damages due to fault of theirs...lost track of the number of calls made and those unreturned. Maybe things will change someday.

  3. I do agree. There are enough people looking for jobs in the U.S and Canada. They do not have to outsource for them.