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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old age is a gift

I am not probably for the fist time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body. I I despair over my sagging belly, big butt and drooping boobs. I look in the mirror and see that old woman who looks like my mother and wonder 'who is that?'

I would never trade my great life with my amazing family.and friends for a nice head of hair and flat belly. As I have aged, I have become kinder to me. I will eat that extra cookie , stay up til 3 a.m. chatting on line or doing what I want. If I want to sleep til noon, I will.If I want to buy something I don't really need, leave me be. I deserve it.

Too many people die before they realize the great freedom that comes with being old.

I will dance to the songs of my youth and cry over lost loves and pets that have passed on....

I will walk on the beach and wear a bathing suit that stretches over my flab. Let them look. I don't care.

So I forget some things. Some things are best forgotten.

My heart has been broken and it will be broken again. I assume loved ones and pets will die but facing such things makes us stronger.

I care less about what others think as I age. I have earned the right to be wrong. I am not going to live forever and I want to enjoy the time I have.


  1. You are an inspiration to all women EVERYWHERE! What a wonderful post! And I hope you enjoy your birthday that's coming up! Jenni

  2. There does seem to be an acceptance of things as we age...the knowledge to not save something for a later time...enjoy it now...not to make things special just for others...but for ourselves also.

  3. Great to discover a devil-may-care attitude with the wisdom age brings! Freedom never felt so good...

  4. Too true. It's very liberating to no longer feel society's expectation that you be sexy and fashionable. I also say "what the heck" more often. Why wait for a special occasion to treat yourself.

  5. Oh my gosh I feel almost the same way. Getting older allows us so much freedom and many choices we didn't have as young women. Also as I get older I have been grown and I enjoy life so much more. We are all so blessed:)

  6. Thank you all for the kind posts. I do intend to enjoy my birthday.*s*