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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A sure sign of spring...

Hubby and I took a short drive out in the country around our home and we spotted out first grounder, or ground hog this year. Every time I see one of these things it reminds of a time when I was young and was just out of high school working for this neighboring farmer and his wife. She needed help around the house when she was out in the field working with him. I cleaned her house and cooked the meals for a few bucks a day. One day as lunch time, John came in from the fields with this box in his hands. He sat it on the kitchen chair and lifted a baby ground hog out of it. I have to tell they are cute when they are babies. Not friendly, ever but cute. They are nasty though. Anyway, John put it back in the box and said the box on the porch floor. We forgot about his two dogs sitting there waiting very patiently.

Next thing we know there was an unbelievable ruckus coming from the porch and we looked out and saw grounder headed for the woods and two dogs. a lab and a beagle hot on his trail.

That reminds of of the time a coon got into my aunts house but that is another story that I will save for another day.


  1. I had to chuckle at your story of the groundhog and the dogs. we have so many of them in Alberta they have become a nuisance. When I first moved here I thought they were some kind of squirrel (City girls eh!) Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to your blog about the coon:)

  2. We have a ground hog that lives under our barn...and travels back and forth from barn to the hilside over and over...they waddle...but are pretty fast for such plump creatures...A raccoon once had babies in the loft of my son's garage and that's a story too! Thanks for your comment Garnet..like you...I'm looking forward to summer and hummingbirds!