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Saturday, March 14, 2009


She looks pretty spry for her age but sammy is 13 and still going strong. She really did chose me for an owner like they say cats do. (I think all four of mine chose me). I know my daughter wanted a kitten one day so we went out to the farm that was giving free kittens away. She wanted the little gray one that womans daughter was claiming but this little calico took one look at me and jumped up on my lap then slipped under my blouse to snuggle.

She has been doing it ever since and I cannot see life without her but we all know it will come to an end some day and I will miss her ever so much. She is not prettty to look at but has a wonderful loving personality.


  1. I can't say I'm a huge cat fan but that's mainly because I haven't had one - except for my son's for a while. They do grow on you but I think I'll always prefer dogs even though they are more trouble.

  2. I like them both. I guess I love most animals except the opossum that shows up on my porch at night.

  3. Sammy is really cute and I can tell how much you enjoy her, like a best friend. I am a dog person but I still like cats. Wherever I go if there is a cat around it always finds it's way to my lap. I do find them comforting. Enjoy Sammy for as long as you can, memories never die my friend.