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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Stress Filled Day Ends well....

My daughter told us she was going to a town 400 miles away. She had no money and did not seem to care that she was not going to have enough to get back if she went. She gets these really strange ideas about things and just refuses to see how wrong that would be. She did not know the people she was going to see. She met them on line. She wanted me to give her money to pay the cab for coming to pick her up. She does not drive and the cab was driving 22 miles for her. She is 27 and an adult so she would have to make this mistake without my help.

I did not give her the money cause I did not think she should go. She went anyway and when she got to the bus stop she cab driver asked her for the money. She only had 25 so she gave it to him and he told her it was over a hundred dollars. She called my husband crying saying she did not want to go to jail and the cab company told her they would call the cops. Hubby said he would pay if she gave up this nonsense about going there for two weeks with strangers.

She gave it up and finally told me she would not even think of doing now cause she had a chance to think and knows how dangerous it could be. Those people could kill her and we would not know a thing for weeks then by then it would be too late.

She scares me at times......


  1. I am so glad your daughter returned home safe and sound. You know my mother always told me as long as you have children you worry about them until your in your grave. Most people think it's only an 18 year deal, but we as mother's know it's for a lifetime. You and your husband do sound like caring parents, one day your daughter will realize just how wise you are :)

  2. Thanks for your visit...parenting
    can give us times of extreme worry and extreme plessure. Glad she's home. By the way you have a lovely cat!

  3. Some people are so trusting. I'm amazed at the chances some girls take - but then they come through fine with a wonderful experience under their belts that I would never have because I'm cautious. I'm glad your daughter is fine and understands the risk she took.

  4. She still says today she is going to do it but you know we can only do so much with our 'adult' children. We can just pray they come home safe. I am thankful for all your comments.