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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last week one of my cats got out of the basement. Normally when he gets out he does not go off the porch. When I looked outside for him I did not see him anywhere around. He had been gone for a few hours when I looked out the door and saw him Limping back into our yard. I knew as soon as I saw the gash on his leg that it was from a trap.

I hate traps. I think they are cruel and should be illegal. Granted, my cat should not have been out roaming but I feel there is no good reason for trapping animals in this day and age. I am glad the trapper who got him did not leave his traps unchecked for days the way some do or he would not have made it back home to have a good dinner and some medicine on his leg. His leg is healing fine and it looks as though there was no real damage but he is lucky. I have seen cats chew their paws off to get out of traps because the trappers only check their traps a few times a month it seems.

This picture was taken a few months ago. I have no new ones of him but he is a sweety and I hate the idea that he was hurt in any way but I am relieved that there was no real damage.
One of my friends lost her cat to traps. He had been missing for weeks and when he did make it home, his leg was mangled and he died a few days later from his ordeal.


  1. I'm glad your Cat is ok... We have a white long hair cat, and every winter we worry about the eagles thinking he is a snowshoe hare and catching him....

  2. That's scary. I don't think anyone much uses traps in our neck of the woods - I'm not sure but they might not be legal here.

  3. Aw, that's a bit sad. Glad it wasn't worse than it was.