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Friday, April 3, 2009

Did you hear the latest??????

Politically Sara Palin, goverenor of Alaska are on opposite ends of the pole. I agree with her on very little. But I never faulted her as a mother like so many seem to want to do now that she is out of the limelight and her daughters ex is talking about all the things he and Bristol did. Not to mention Levi's mom starting to talk about her.

People act like Bristol is the only daughter to ever get pregnant and Palin is such a bad mother because her daughter had sex in her house when she was not at home. I guess that makes alot of women bad mothers. My daughters did not have sex in my home but one did have child three months after she married and I am just grateful I have a wonderful grand baby and she has a man who stood by her and is a good husband and father to the baby.

I think many who are pointing a finger at Palin need to look at their own selves. How many of them have daughters who had children out of wedlock? Perhaps they are talking about her hoping people will forget what happened in their lives. My mother always told me that when you point fingers at someone, four more are pointing back at you. I have always been proud of myself for not condemning other parents for the job they do with their kids. After all, I have my own life to think about and my own doorstep to keep clean. And when I hear women talking about other mothers not doing a good job as a parent, I feel like handing them a broom.


  1. Oh Garnet, you are so very right about this issue. It seems so unfair to judge either mother, daughter be they famous or not. How many of us could honestly say "there but for the grace of God go I" A pregnant teenager does not make a mother or daughter bad and who are we to judge anyway. Everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame and that is what is happening with Bristol's ex. They really need our prayers especially the ex and his family. No one should ever judge or hurt another especially with the specific intention of doing just that. So sad, you my friend be proud of your daughter and her family. Love should know no boundaries and all people should be treated with respect.

  2. We are not responsible for our children's actions - they are; and if they're happy with the way the live their lives, that's fine, as far as I can see...

  3. I agree completely Garnet...some people have nothing better to do than find fault and place blame...at least the "labeling" of children of unwed parents has changed...the whole world needs to be more compasionate...life is too short to be otherwise.

  4. "You" Americans can be a little hard on people. The media nitpicks celebrities to bits. I have no clue if this is part of everyone's social life there - if high school tv shows and movies are any indication, it is. The country is heavily influenced by the Bible Belt - standards are way up here and most humans fail to be perfect. People point fingers at others hoping that the distraction will keep others from noticing their own imperfections.
    I actually think Palin's family life is nobody's business at all. No one can keep their child from having sex if that child really wants it. Given that fact, the emphasis should be on kids taking responsibility for their actions and being prepared. Pretending that many if not most teens do not have sex or that merely telling them not to is enough to protect them or that a young girl's pregnancy is the fault of HER mother is just stupid. Unless Palin was prostituting her daughter, she had nothing to do with it.