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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And so it all began...

So I got out of bed this morning with great intentions of having a great day instead of the kinda of day where I am living with mr. Grumpy. Mr. Grumpy will be with me for quite a while if they do not get this thing were he works settled and get back to work like we are hoping that do. But that being said, there is no reason for him to go over everything I do and inspect it with a fine tooth comb simply because he has nothing better to do.

How am I supposed to know where he puts everything? And since when do I have to have dinner on the table at the same time every day? Why is he telling me how to fix eggs? He hasn't fried an egg in over 30 years. And did I actually see him run his finger along the edge of the countertop to see if it was clean? Why did I forget to take the cell phone with us to the bank? Id did not know he did not put it back in my purse when he took it out yesterday

If this is any clue what retirement is going to be like with him, I think I am going to march out there and look for a job. I am sure someone will hire an old broken down fart like me if I beg.

Especially when I tell them what life with Mr. Grumpy is like. I love him but God help us both if he does not stay out of my kitchen and my sewing room where I hide from him, at times I am going to move in with his mother and I sure don't want to do that. Wait...maybe I can get him to move back with mom. I'm sure she will take him back if I beg her.


  1. Sounds like Mr Grumpy needs something better to do...like a hobbie...maybe he just likes to pester you...he's out of his own routine...it won't be the same in retirement...so there's hope...just give him a project to keep him busy and out of your hair!Garnet...you are very funny when you gripe! :)

  2. I guess he's somewhat out of sorts due to the job instability. It's probably quite hard on him right now.

  3. Don't send him back to Mother - she would have been the one who taught him all he knows, and she obviously left out a lot! Start up your own 'charm school for men' - who knows how many you'd get to enrol!
    And Anvilcloud, you try being a harried wife for a day, then tell me it's the man who has it hard!

  4. Hey you, I used to grumble about my husband not putting his socks in the hamper everyday, now that he is gone I would give everything I have too be able to pick up his socks and wash them with all the love I feel in my heart. Enjoy his company my friend even the cranky times, I am sure he is frustrated by not having a job to go too. Everytime there is a major change in our lives it takes time to adjust. PS, you are funny when you gripe:)