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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I turned on the news tonight and found out my trusted dr whom I have gone to over 20 years was charged with molesting two boys. I was so shocked because I never would have dreamed he would be accused of such things. Ever. But he is only accused. That does not mean he did it. What is sad is that even the accusation will end the career of a great doctor. That saddens me a great deal. I have seen what false accusations can do to a family.

Don't get me wrong. If he did it, he deserves what he gets. I am a firm believer in molestors getting what they deserve. But I think people should wait to see how it works out before jumping to conclusions and I don''t think people always do that in these cases. I just hope things work out for the best for all concened and if he is guilty, let him be punished but wait til you find out what happened before crucifying him or anyone else.


  1. I think in cases like this, there should be a hush order on the media until the person has been found guilty. The doctor will probably have to relocate because of distrust even if he is found to be innocent.

  2. We knew someone who was accused of something. When it came to court, it became obvious early on that it was false. There are times when the enforcers and prosecution have to do more background work.

  3. We had foster parents that were accused of doing it and their lives were ruined when the girl admitted she did it out of spite. It never went to trial but it was too late. Same as with a preacher we know. He had to move. I think this dr. who has spent his entire career for over 30 years will have to move even if he is found innocent. These men are in their thirties and they say it happened when they were teens. I am suspect of many who wait 20 years to tell something.

  4. In some cases a patient will make these accusations in order to get a settlement or win the "lawsuit lottery"

    I hape it isn't true and if it is I hope he gets what's coming to him.

  5. This situation is so sad, regardless. If the doctor has violated these boys then he must be held responsible but if these are false accusations then we live in a sad world to have someone's reputation ruined either for greed or attention. We should pray the truth will set everyone free and help given to those who need it