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Monday, March 30, 2009

Six Weird things about me

Some suggested that I write six weird things about me so I am going to do it.

1. If I did not like a certain kid when I was younger, I tend to not like people by whatever name the had. When I hear a certain name, I automatically think they are not nice til I get to know them.

2. I have cats and dogs but I like dogs better.

3. I refuse to eat after anyone. I won't even eat after my husband. I become physically ill at the thought. I have seen people pick up a drink someone else drank out of and drink it and I just cannot do it.

4, I don't sleep at night. I can never fall asleep before 2 in the morning. Even when I was getting up with the kids each morning. For some reason I could make it on 4 or 5 hours sleep.

5. I have never eatcn asparagus and I refuse to try it. I just look at it and it turns me. I love all other vegetables.

6. At my age, I still dream of going to college and wonder what I will be when I grow up......


  1. There you go being honest again, I love it. Your weird things brought a smile to my face. Take Care/I care Bernie

  2. Grow up? I've made it to 68 without doing it...hopefully I never will..."Ever to see with the eyes of a child, is to see the world for ever new"....Quote from own writing, in case you're wondering.

  3. I'm smiling too!...jinksy is right...don't grow up Garnet...just grow...I love her Quote.

  4. Join the club. We're all a little weird. Especially bloggers. :)

  5. I love asparagus! My husband isn't fond of it but my daughter goes nuts for it.

  6. You are Great.... These things were real and fun! You make me Happy!
    Peace Mama~

  7. Cloud..someone told me I was wierd for blogging. *s*