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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good afternoon everyone.  It is a rather dreary rainy day here but I am happily getting ready for
Easter dinner will have to wait until everyone has a day off and we can all get together but I am planning on having fun day of coloring eggs on Saturday and having an Easter egg hunt for the little one.  I hope to get up early for sunrise service on Easter.  I just do not feel right missing church on that day then we will come home and have a bunny cake that I am making for Alix before hubby goes out to work.

Half of the house is still without power.  The storm knocked out all the outlets on one side of the kitchen.  We called the electric company to make a claim and they will be looking at it soon.  When I called they said I would have a long wait because there where 87 callers ahead of me and that was late in the day when it should have slowed down.  A friend of ours will do the work once the electric company looks at our claim.

I did get an Easter ham because we love it so much and it will do us for some time.  It is smoked by a friend of ours and he does a great job on it.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Easter seems to have lightened your heart a bit. I haven't coloured eggs for years. I bought some chocolate for our Lily but I wish I'd picked up a little dress for her too.

    We are having turkey because we're not big ham fans - it's ok but not special.

  2. Lots of people here in NC are having storm related electrical problems & of course it is the time of the year for it. Hopefully it will be nice on Easter Sunday & I hear it may get up to 90. Take care and hope your weekend is awesome.

  3. Happy Easter Garnet, I do hope you get the electrical problem sorted soon......:-)Hugs

  4. Sounds as if the little one will make your Easter Sunday fun anyone. What a good mom and grandma you are.

  5. Stay safe and Happy Easter!!

  6. I would love to get up and go to church tomorrow but I know myself and wouldn't be surprised if I sleep in.........

    We will be hiding the eggs for Little Leo to find tomorrow I do not know who is more excited me or his mum.........lol

    I hope you have an awsome Easter Sunday...........

  7. Oh Ham sounds just wonderful! Have a fun and Blessed Easter Garnet!
    love Di ♥

  8. 'Just stopping by to say I hope you had a Joyous Easter and to thank you for commenting on my blog.

    I usually like to have ham on Easter too, either that or lamb, but this year we were having such a big crowd, so I opted for a variety of one-dish type meals (baked ziti, shepherd's pie, a mixed vegetable pie, pineapple stuffing, and then pulled pork made in the slow-cooker) to please a variety of picky eaters!

    And I agree with you about church too, it just doesn't feel right without starting Easter morning without it!
    All the best,

  9. I did have a great Easter and I wanted to thank all of you for your kind comments.