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Friday, April 29, 2011

mixed feelings

I am happy that the wedding of William and Kate went so well but I am not really much for weddings of any kind.  I do think she looked lovely and loved the dress.  I would wear that dress if I had an 18" waist and was  as young as her.  I hope they are happier then Charles and Diana.

Custody hearing for the grand is next week. He does not really want her but his mom does so he went back to live with his mom and dad in New York and they are filing for custody.  I hope they do not get full custody but if they do, we will have to abide by what the court says, I guess.

My eldest is here til she finds a place to live again.  She is trying so hard to stay on the right track.  We have told her though that if she does drugs or drinks while she is here, she will have to find a new place to live.   We just will not put up with it any more.

I ordered two baskets of hanging strawberries and if they do as well as what they have so far, we should be loaded with berries.   I thought I ordered tomatoes too but if I did not, I will have to order them this payday.

Well, I have to get the steak on for supper..Have a good day.


  1. I wish you well at the trial.

    I thought Kate's dress was lovely too - certainly more subdued than Diana's which is entirely appropriate - she's not going in with stars in her eyes I'm sure. I wonder what this will do to wedding dress styles out in the world - before this they were largely very ornate confections - so will they swing back to simpler, more elegant than romantic dresses?

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I also loved the wedding dress so beautiful and simple not over the top like Diana's was. I do hope his parents do not get full custody, I know courts do what they thing is right for the child but the do get it wrong at times so fingers crossed all goes as it should.

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  5. Garnet, I am hoping and praying that custody remains with you guys. It sounds like her Dad isn't really thinking about what's best for his daughter. So sad.

  6. The one blessing is, that children are extremely adaptable and much more resilient than the adults around them... May she have a happy childhood from here on, whatever the outcome...