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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I know I should celebrate but.....

I know so many are celebrating over the death of bin laden.  If any man deserved to die, he did but I wish they would have brought him back for a trial.  It seems to me that is just how things are done in this country, or how it should be done.  Don't get me wrong, I am glad he is gone but I see no reason to celebrate at the way he died.  I would have preferred he found guilty of war crimes first.  I do worry about the blow back too from this.  We may let our guard down and something will happen.....something terrible...  I hope I am wrong about that.

My grand daughter is dancing around the room like a ballerina.  She loves Angelina the Ballerina. It is one of her favorites.

We are planting prunellas today.  I want them to be planted at the front and  back of the house.  We are doing them, strawberries, tomato trees and blueberries.  We have the hanging baskets of strawberries and huge blue berries.  I hope all the plants do well.  I will plant my sauce tomatoes in the garden.   I love my romas for my sauce during the winter.

I am thinking of making a Waldorf salad for dinner.  I have not had one for ages and I am getting the urge for one now.


  1. That's exactly what made me think this was a political ploy. Typically we do have a trial and he would be found guilty of war crimes and hung. They've done it with others such as Sadam Hussein. There's just something fishy about him being killed, buried at sea and no photo's allowed to be seen. Can't help the way I feel. Good luck with the gardening. Sounds nice.

  2. A little unsettling isn't it? I think a lot of people are feeling this and think either something is fishy or things happened out of control and now they have to scramble. Osama supporters won't be thrilled that Americans are celebrating. If Obama were assassinated, and Iranians, Iraqis or whomever were dancing in the streets, think how offended you would be. Hopefully, they will think twice before starting something else because I, for one, would not like to have the USA coming down in my face.

  3. I think what happened may be a blessing, he went much quicker than all those he killed around the world. I also feel if he was brought back for trial it would of encouraged others to work to free him, enlist young people to his cause and raise money to help his defense. No Garnet he chose his destiny a long time ago and now God will deal with him. I didn't want to see his dead picture, to see people use it as a wallpaper for computers and cell phones to motivate them. I am not into conspiracy theories........:-)

  4. Personally I was glad to hear that he was killed and still have not been shown proof that it really happened but maybe time will tell. I prefer him being dead to seeing him on TV for the next 2 or 3 years costing so much for the trial. Seems you will be quite busy with all the different kinds of plants you will be working with. Good luck with them.

  5. I think they'll show "proof"....ahemmm....around election time to boost his numbers...
    I agree with Barb....

    My granddaughter Samantha LOVED Angelina Ballerina...
    Happy Mothers Day friend!