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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lessons learned from Mom...

I saw an article in the paper that asked people what lessons they learned from their Moms.  I have Two Moms who played very important part in my life at different times.  From my foster mom, I learned to share, not only my life but my heart and home to all kinds of people.When I went to live with her, she had 92 year old aunt rose and her 70 year old son, Tony living with her.  She also had a three year old grandson and Linnie, a homeless woman who lived in her car in the summer while eating at Mom's and lived in the house in the winter.  Mom would often toss another potato in the pot and have a family of four there because she knew they did not have much food in the house and there was always room for one more at her table.  Yes, she loved sharing......

From my biological Mom, I learned to forgive.  It was hard for me to do and the process was not easy but she and I had many long talks.  Screaming matches at times but we were able to work things out.  I learned that mothers are not perfect but neither are their children and we must all learn to forgive each other.

Both of my mothers were good women and I miss them terribly, especially on Mothers day.


  1. It sounds like your foster mum was a truely special woman and it is a shame there isn't more like them around. My mother is more then my mother she is my best friend and I do not know how I would cope without her.

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories of both of your moms. Happy Mothers Day my friend.