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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good morning all.  I normally am busy doing other things this time of the day but the little one is sleeping an I have taken this time to do some blogging while the little one is still sleeping.

My brother in law contacted us and said the floods have hit hard in their area.  He was with his brother when they were hit and they had to be rescued from his brother in law's office.  He and his brother tried to get out of the building but the water was blocking the door and they had to go out in the roof and the fire company rescued them. They have lost quite a few things but no lives in their area of Ohio.  It seems to me that every time I turn around there is a flood or tornado, or some horrible disaster going down.  I don't know if you have ever experienced anything like this but we did years ago and a flood can happen so fast and be so deadly. In 1980 we had one hit our area and it happened so quick.  One minute all was fine but suddenly the rain started and the creeks came up so fast. One whole family was wiped out in a matter of seconds.  And the creek that flooded was just a tiny one, no raging river.  It is one of those things you think is never going to happen to you until it does.

I did get all my flowers planted around the house but still have to finish one of the gardens. It is too wet to do it today though.  I am just glad to be able to get out and do it this year.


  1. Thank God your brother in law got to safe ground. I can't imagine what all those people along that river are even going through. I experienced a flash flood when traveling through West Virginia years ago and I'll never forget how quickly the run off ditches filled up and flooded the highway we were on. It was seconds it seemed. Glad you got to plans everything. Hope you're doing ok yourself!!

  2. I have been watching CNN and following the news on the floods, it is scary. The weather is really weird this year, all over the world. Happy to hear BIL is okay, stuff can be replace people cannot. Stay safe my friend...:-)Hugs

  3. Horrible times for them!! Glad they were rescued!

  4. Yeah there seems to be always one thing or another happening around the world, I have been lucky not to have ever been affected by a natural disaster....
    damn I forgot about the earthquake we had in 89 but even then we really didn't have much damage done to our place......

    I am so glad your brother in-law was rescued and is safe.

  5. It has been wet here too. Am hoping to get some work done today as it's been two dry days in a row! Love Di ♥