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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have not been on as much because it has been so beautiful out here and when it is not raining, I am outside with the little one or I am working on the garden. Mainly my flower garden which I should be out there weeding now but I wanted to pop in for a bit.

The little one is still with us and will be til june 26th and they have the second hearing. Dad has not been to visit her since before Easter and he has only called once.  I hope he just keeps acting as he has been as he is only digging his grave.  My daughter is working two jobs and fighting to keep her and he is barely working, refuses to get a lawyer and says he wants to talk to her and work things out without a court hearing but he also says if he gets her he will move to south Carolina or take her up to where his mom can raise her and my daughter does not want any of that.

My eldest moved out and seems to be doing okay.

I hope none of you are affected by the awful weather we have been having.  It is just horrid.

Looks like Camping was wrong and we did not get swept up into the air by Jesus.  He really should stop this nonsense of predicting when it will happen.  I don't doubt it will happen but no one knows when it will...not even him.


  1. Hi Garnet...Glad you're doing well and the weather is finally cooperating up there. I hope the judge they get at the next hearing see's through the Father. It angers me. I would (and did) anything I had to do to keep my baby. I had no help. Your daughter is so blessed to have you for her parents. How a parent can just move away and not call or contact is beyond me. The laws in the country are so outdated. Things need to turn around. Sending hugs to you.

  2. Seems your daughter should not have anything to worry about the way he is acting or at least I sure hope so. Like Barb said the laws here suck sometimes and need updating.
    Take care and enjoy the little one and great weather.

  3. We haven't had a lot of great weather but it sure is nice when we do. I have to cut the grass quick before it rains again - and from the constant drone of lawnmowers, the entire neighborhood is doing the same thing.

  4. It is when the father is a waste of space that some girls wish they never told him about the baby, my youngest never told Leo's father about him well he know about Leo and has met him but she will not admit he is Leo's father and always says she has no idea who his father is because she doesn't want the junkie who is his father in anyway involved with Leo's life.......I hope all goes well for your daughter when she goes to court, it really pisses me off when a man wants nothing to do with his child unless it will cause the childs mother some kind of grief.......

    It is cold and wet here again today had to have the heater on for a bit but since hubby maybe home soon I just turned it off.

  5. Glad you have the little one with you, I am sure all will work out well.
    The weather has been frightening in the mid west,those poor people have lost so much. Have been praying for them.
    Enjoy your lovely weather.....:-)Hugs