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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The past few days have been very hectic here.  My daughter has moved back here temporarily and we have   been dealing with that then Friday night my mother in law fell and we has to take her to the hospital. They did not keep her because there were no broken bones but she was pretty stoved up and sore.  Sunday we had company and I had  been dealing with computer crashes all week end. I reformatted five times.  I lost everything, including some of hubby's hunting pics but he had them still on his camera.  It taught me to back up all my important stuff.

Then I had to call a tech and he charged me 89 dollars to fix it from his computer.  It had to be done.  He said several of my files were corrupted and the one that installs everything was one of those corrupted so my programs were not working even thought they had been newly installed.  My daughter downloaded some music from frostwire and I found out it is famous for sending viruses.  

My tech was from India and it was fun talking to someone who really did not speak English all that well.  I was not  a happy camper today or yesterday.

Then we were in the middle of the download when wind storms knocked out our power and a flash went right through our house, knocking out the power in the middle of it all.  It did not hurt any of the appliances but it knocked out all the outlets in the kitchen. Two of the outlets could be reset and the other five could not be. We are lucky that no one was hurt.  We could see it shoot right through the house.

I went to see the eye surgeon that is going to operate on my eye in June or July.  He asked me when I had my last EKG and I told him I was not sure but I decided to tell him about a pain I had across my  back a month or so ago and he said it could be sign of heart trouble and he asked if I had a cardiologist and I do so he wants me to see the Dr. and have an EKG done as soon as I can.

Yeah...........it has been one of those weeks so far.


  1. You sound tired Garnet, sorry about your week. Hope your MIL is doing well and that all is going okay with your daughter. Hang in there sweetie, no place to go but up. Keeping you in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs

  2. I think you're due. make that overdue, for some good news.

  3. Too much. Just too much to deal with. Hope things get better.

  4. You have SO much on your plate Girl!
    Make sure to do the followup!

  5. Hopefully the next week will be better then the last one........

    Having your daughter home a good thing or not....

    I love having my daughters come home for a bit but after a few months I start to think move out again already you are driving me mad.............lol Not there yet with the youngest who is living at home again and she has been here since Boxing Day and will be here till someime around July.