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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Henry Fonda once said, "My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me."

One of my best friends, Bonnie, brings out the best in me. She is also the kind of friend that probably would not bail me out of jail if I go arrested for disorderly conduct cause she would be in there with me. She would know that there had to be a reason for me acting that way and she would want to be first in line to take on anyone who messed with me cause that is what friends do. She always has my back.

There may be several hundred miles between us but she is just a phone call away and when I am down and out, she is the one I call. She will listen while I talk. Then she tells me what I don't always want to hear. She does not play games. Nor will she just go alone and say what she thinks I want to hear. she is honest and I love her for that. And when the phone call is over, I feel better knowing she loves me like a sister.

I never had a real sister but I have some idea of what it is like thru having Bonnie as a friend. When she says 'lyas' she really means she loves me like a sister.

Bonnie and I met thru Pen palling back in the eighties. I was a young country girl living in an old farmhouse and no neighbors around so I started pen paling with this woman in illinois who has a big heart that she opens up to anyone who needs someone. I needed her then and have needed her many times since then.

Her home has always been opened up to children from the streets and those many have cast aside. She would give you the shirt off her back if she had to. Many kids who are not her own, call her mom cause she has such a huge loving heart. I am glad she is my friend.

Her and her husband john have been very good friends to us.

I really do love her like a sister.


  1. Wonderful to have such a good friend.

  2. You and your friend are so blessed to have each other, sometimes friends are even closer than sisters. I feel so good knowing that you have Bonnie to share life's ups and downs with, it's a beautiful thing to see and read about. Those children are so fortunate to have her as well. Stay happy my friend.....:) Hugs, Bernie

  3. What a wonderful story! Love the picture! Have a great weekend...Julie

  4. First time reader and what a fantastic blog you have going here!! I loved Henry Fonda and that's one of my favorite quotes :)
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