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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is anything mine any more.

I was reading one blog where she was complaining about sharing with her husband. This is a newly married woman. As I read, I wanted to tell her too just wait till the kids come along.

My husband and I are lucky that we do not share many hobbies so we are not treading on each others toes by using things that belong to the other. I don't hunt or fish and he hates the computer unless he has to use it for work. My kids on the other hand are another story.

I came home for shopping today and noticed that my daughter had on a ring that looked familiar. It should. It was mine. She also has a fondness for my blouses and my skirts when she wears skirts. I cannot count the times she has gotten ready for a date and asked me if I had any clothes she could wear.

And she does not like to share the computer either when she is home. She has people to see and talk to on line. I have no one, according to her so why would I want to use it?

Yep, once the 'I do's are done' nothing is yours and once the kids come along, even less is yours.


  1. Oh Garnet, everything is yours and more. You are so blessed to have your husband and your daughter to share your life with. (and you know what, I know you realize this as well....have a wonderful day my blogger friend....-) Hugs

  2. Everyone at our house has their own computer because none of us can share.

    I'm almost happy I'm fat because my daughter doesn't borrow my clothes as they are too big. - She borrows my jewelry all the time. And makeup. And whatever else catches her fancy. What's mine is hers. My oldest takes my computer peripherals all the time.
    I suppose we are lucky to have people to share with but gone are the days when we might conclusively declare ownership on anything.

  3. Good post! I'm not sure they will stay married if she already feels this way!! It's give & take...Constantly!hughugs

  4. I guess that's why there's usually more than one computer in most houses now. In our extended family, everybody has their own computer. We had three family members visit awhile ago, and they all brought a computer. We had to email just to ask what they wanted for breakfast (kidding ... sort of).