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Friday, April 17, 2009

On being alone...

I am alone again this weekend. I could have gone with my husband for a weekend of fishing in the woods but I no longer fish like I once did. I love it but am unable to walk on the twisting winding paths that get me to the creek where we fish so I am alone.

I don't always like being alone I do like a day or two now and then where I can do what I want, when I want and not worry about having to please anyone but me. I have always liked being by myself at times. I was one of those kids who would happily curl up with a book rather then go out with some of my friends at times. I am pretty much the same way as an adult.

I am never alone as long as I have my books, my computer and, occasionally, the phone that I use to reach out and touch someone when I feel the need.

To night I have Odd Thomas with me. I don't know if you all know who Odd is but he is a character in a Dean Koontz series and I am happily helping him work out some of the problems only Odd can have.

Alone? Yes. Lonely.......NO.


  1. I don't mind being alone but not for long.

    We fish in water here, not in the woods. (Sorry, I can't help myself.)

  2. I love being alone for a bit but I'm not looking forward to all the kids being gone - Gary's got kind of boring in his old age. I'm sure he thinks the same of me.

  3. Garnet I do hope you enjoy your time alone with your books, telephone and hopefully your favorite foods. I didn't like being alone at all until I had no choice but now I have grown to enjoy my own company and realize I only need myself and the Good Lord to be complete. I love the freedom of choosing when, what and where to eat, read, watch TV or be with friends. It's not so bad really. Enjoy your weekend my friend:) Hugs

  4. I did enjoy it but what happy to see my nephew and his dog drop by and then hubby came home.