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Sunday, April 19, 2009


My mom once said that no one should discuss politics or religion out in public. I began go see what she meant one day when I was out and about and someone brought up Ronald Reagan and said what a great president he was. I bit my tongue. I really bit it hard when he just went on and on about this paragon of virtue that I could not stand, being the die hard democrat that I am. I wanted to punch this guys face. But I held on. No use getting charged with assault and battery while attending a church dinner. My pastor would not like that. (Neither would the good Lord).

You see I am an old time democrat. I am anti abortion and anti gun control. ( please, no lectures on either one of them. Just stating how I feel and lectures would be wasted on me.)I have voted for a republican when the time was right and the man was right for the job.

Discussing politics is great if you are willing to accept the fact the person you are talking to is entitled to his opinion and let it go. Trying to change their mind while they are trying to shout you down just does not work. It only makes both of you look like fools.


  1. You are a wise woman my friend. I do agree that Ronald Regan was a wonderful president but no one is perfect. By respecting others opinions even when you disagree with them allows you to represent your true feelings with respect from others. We have much in common, I too absolutely disagree with abortions but I respect those who choose differently, to me a child is a gift from God and no matter the circumstances a gift should always be appreciated, loved and blessed. We both have so many blessings in our lives and much to be thankful for...:) Hugs

  2. I've no clue if Regan was good or bad - I was busy with babies while he was president.

    I think politics and religion SHOULD be discussed in public - civilly - no rancor. The problem is that people stand behind an opinion without looking at the facts or the issues and refuse to think about any alternative view.

  3. Jeanie..I too think they can be discussed if people remain civil but too many do not. They are passionate about their views to the point of screaming in others faces at times. Respect for the thoughts of others should be shown at all times.

  4. It's really tough to discuss politics and religion in many situations. The problem is that we all believe that our opinions are right. The truth is that only mine are.