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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A more pleasant time??

I posted this on my other blog and I am going to post it here.

I was looking through some blogs and came across some songs and other things that mention the summer of '69. I remember that year as a year filled with fun like so many other years of the sixties for. It was a time of learning and growing and falling in and out of love many times for this young girl who seemed to look at the world thru a glass that was half full.

You all remember LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and THE OZZIE AND HARRIET SHOW. Those in the early sixties and fifties who were teens then surely remember them. Weren't all families like that or was it all hidden? I remember a neighbor lady who constantly had blackened eyes and bruises. She fell alot they said. An awful lot. I remember girls in town getting married and having ten Pound preemies about six months after being married.

A young president slaughtered as he rode through Dallas on a cold November day. We all remember where were were on that fateful day. We all wept for his widowed bride and the children he left behind as well as our country.

Then there was the war that was going on. Young men who came home with their bodies and lives shattered, trying to pick up the pieces in a society that did not want them around it seemed. College students angry at a government who refused to listen to their pleas to end the war.

So they protested and the country was coming apart at the seams.

Were the times really that wonderful. No they were not but the music was. The music took us away from all of that. Music does not save one's mortal soul but it does save our sanity at a time when the rest of the world seems to be going mad.

May there always be music to take us to those special places in our minds that we can find happiness in.


  1. So agree with your post Garnet ...those were the 'good o'days'...but days with lot's of concerns and shame...some even hidden away...at least now things are more open...we're more tolerant with empathy...the only way to change a problem is to first acknowledge it...and music expresses our joys and concerns... it is an universal language!...It can soothe a soul or cause a riot!!!

  2. I think most of the good music has already been written and sung and played, but maybe I'm just a curmudgeon.

  3. Anvil...it is just your age. LOL. But like you and Bob Segar I LIKE THAT OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL.....