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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pardon my addiction...

If My blogging seems off a little it is because of my new addiction...

You see I love word games. Always have. However, I do not have anyone around here to play scrabble and such games with as my youngest has moved to South Carolina and is a busy mother trying to finish her education and works on the side so she has no time for them but I have discovered Pathwords on facebook and I am hooked. At night when I can't sleep I get up and play a few rounds and I am ready to go to sleep. If that sounds like an addiction, then I have one. One that I love and it does not harm anyone since I play it when hubby is not home or he is sleeping. It is not like I ignore him then but I often use it when I am in a snit over something he said, which is not often.

Thank goodness I don't feel this way about booze or cigarettes. (The later was kicked a long time ago.)


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  2. Pity you're not close enough - I like words, too...

  3. You are pardoned. I like most puzzle games. I don't look for them. My daughter finds them and leads me to them.

  4. That game is SO addicting! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Come by again! :)

  5. If you are addicted to Scrabble then so are millions of others. It's so much fun.....enjoy every moment of it.....:) Hugs Bernie