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Friday, November 20, 2009

what would I change??

My daughter once asked, "Mom,if you could change anything about your life, what wold it be?" Nothing was my answer.

You see, If I changed anything about my life, I would not be who I am today.

I was placed in foster care at the age of six. When that happened, I had a few bad years then I was put in the home of a wonderful, loving woman and her children who treated me like a real sister from the moment I arrived on the scene. They could have been angry and jealous and rejected me but they didn't. It was thru this woman that I learned how to love and live my life the right way. God's way. She was a christian and lived her christian values by helping others.

At Twenty I was away from home and in love with a man who abused me. One day my biological mom called and asked me to come visit. I was unsure of what was going to do but I used that as an excuse to get away from him. She helped to toss him aside and taught me we must learn to forgive others for their failings.

My experience with the man in Missouri taught me to look for a man who would put me first. I found him.

When we found out I could not have children and decided to adopt, I remembered what life was like as a foster child and we chose that route. Remembering what life was like for me, helped me to empathasize with the children I fostered. I knew how frightened, lost and alone the felt. When two of those kids came up for adoption, we did so and never regretted it.

Everything that has ever happened to me has lead to me being who I am right this moment and I like who I am and where I am. So, I would not have changed ANYTHING.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once wrote 'There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. ' I do believe that.


  1. Oh I agree Garnet. I wouldn't change anything in my life either.
    It seems that your life has really come full circle.
    You have a big heart!
    Love Di

  2. Donna..thank you. I think it has come full circle too.

  3. Garnet, I too love my life all of it's blessings and burdens have taught me to become who I am today. I love having you as a blogger friend Garnet and God willing perhaps we may even meet one day, I think I would like that very much.......:-) Hugs

  4. I think I came to the same conclusion a while back - I couldn't change anything which meant my kids and grandkids had never come to exist. 'If only' and 'What if' are are merely mental exercises, rather than actual wishes! :)

  5. A lot of people don't get this concept. They think they can change something and that everything else will remain the same. It wouldn't.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. This is the second story I've read as of recent that shares this same truth. What a beautiful testimony for you to share. I am so thankful you ended up in this home that taught you about love and forgiveness. I thankful this is the road you chose for your life!