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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sad songs...

A man said today that he did not understand his wife at all. She would fill her ipod with sad songs then sit in the dark at night and listen them and cry her eyes out. He thought that was screwy.

Well I do the same thing. Not necessarily sad songs but songs that conger up different memories. I listen to them then think of all the fond memories and I will cry. It sounds crazy but I cry and then I feel so much better after I cry. I feel as though I have been cleansed. Does that sound crazy or what? My husband will see the tears and demand to know why I am crying and it is hard for me to explain.

I posted a pic earlier on this blog of a quilt I made for my mom in law...I won best of show at a local church. That made my day!!!!!


  1. That doesn't sound crazy at all Garnet, music has a powerful effect on all of us, bringing joy and tears sometimes, it's good to release your emotions, as long as one isn't left depressed.

    Congratulations for best of show with the quilt!
    Have a wonderful Thansksgiving Garnet.
    Luv and Smiles,

  2. Not crazy at all. Music is powerful stuff and does the same for me. There are times I am feeling really dark and I will listen to dark music but somehow it helps me. The opposite is also true. I also will listen to music that helps me release my emotions and will feel better. Congrats on winning with your quilt!

  3. Sometimes we cry because we are touched, not because we're especially sad.

  4. I love that you are touched by music as I am as well....even driving in my car, a song will come on from years past and I will burst into tears....it's normal, at least I hope so.
    Congratulations on your quilt, somehow I am not surprised, I think you give everything you do 100%...Luv you my friend...:-) Hugs

  5. Have just left a comment on your other blog, but it's not showing up, so here'e a kind of replica below!

    It's very helpful advice, to any / every Blogee, that Braja kindly put in one of her blogcomments:-

    " noreply-comment@blogger.com is the address that your comments are sent from. You haven't designated an email address so that anyone can reply. It blocks communication.
    Go to your profile. Click on Edit profile, and then choose the third box down, Show My Email. Simple."

  6. Congratulations! Good for you!

    It doesn't sound crazy - but I won't ever do it. I hate to cry. I never feel better after - I get a headache. Besides which, I don't listen to country which has all the tearjerkers. These songs annoy me because they are so manipulative - I also hate being manipulated.

    The only time I cry is when someone dies.

  7. Congratulations on the quilt!! Takes Real talent!
    Don't worry sweetie, I think most of us do the Same thing!!lol...hughugs