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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good morning people....
Sorry I have not been on for a few days. I did go to see the dr. Friday. The heart specialist. He says I have problems with blood clots starting to form and he has to put me on thinner. He says it will not be till after the surgery and he has to be in the operating room for the surgery. So I have to wait til a time when both drs have an opening. I wanted to go to church this morning but that did not happen. Too hard sitting up for that length of time.

Hubby just came in to tell me that we should have kholorobi from the garden in about a week. I can't wait. I love garden fresh veggies. So much better then what you get in the produce market.

I wanted to show some pics of some of our flowers from last year. I hope they do just as good this year. It looks like the roses will be just as lovely. We have several different types and they are all going to bloom hers shortly.


  1. Hi Garnet, so glad you posted as I have been thinking about you and how you were feeling. It's good the doctors are working together to help you. Last year's roses were beautiful. Our growing season here so far has been poor but I am still enjoying getting outside when I can. Take care of yourself my friend, it was so good to hear from you....:-) Hugs

  2. Hi Garnet...My mother had painful blood clots in her legs once...she was well taken care of by the doctors and had no further problems ...so trust them...do what they say...and you'll be back good as before...maybe even better!

    Take care!

  3. Your roses are gorgeous! That's one thing I never did well with for some reason although I've got a got scraggly ones yet.

  4. Hi Garnet, It sounds like it won't be too much longer before your surgery. It's hard being patient! How did you hurt your knee? I also have to take blood thinners from having the strokes. I will be thinking about you and my prayers are with you.
    Your flowers were stunning,I'm sure this year will be good too!

  5. Keep you chin up and enjoy the garden.

  6. Beautiful flowers! I'm sure they will look the same this year!! Hang in there sweetie!!hughugs