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Monday, June 15, 2009

No surgery tomorrow. *sigh* I went to the docs to have him go over everything so I could go in and have it done. He just said no. No. I will not pass on this. Your ekg is bad. So, I have to see a heart specialist again. I had some sort of spell and had to see him then but he could not find out what it was but now it is something else. So it will be delayed. Not sure how long but I will hang in there and survive. I know that.

I was very depressed and cried a bit when I found out but it could be so much worse. I could have gone under and something might have happened, then what sort of pickle would I be in?

How many have living wills? I have one. I have to take it with me when I go in for surgery. I do not want to live on machines, that is for sure. I did not want my family to have to make that decision. So I had to go find them. Anyway, I am ready.


  1. Oh Garnet I am sorry that you were disappointed today but maybe it's for the best right now.
    I hope you see a specialist soon so that everything gets sorted for you. All in God's time my friend.
    I too have a living will, there is a copy in my file at the doctor's office, one with my lawyer and one with executor. I think that is important to have these things settled so family won't have to but I feel positive you will not have to use yours for a long time.
    Take care my friend, I care..Hugs

  2. Guess it's a case of here's to the next time, then - sorry you have to put up with a delay! x

  3. Well Garnet it sounds to me as if God has a different plan for you this time. I'm so sorry for your disappointment Garnet.But please remember that everything happens for a reason. It sounds as if you know this already.Just keep praying, God hasn't forgotten about you and neither have we. We will all pray for you.
    I do have a living will. I had two strokes three months apart. After that I thought it would be a wise idea.

  4. It's really too bad your knee's on hold but when your life is at risk, I suppose you can't do much about it.

    I don't have a living will - But I think my kids know how I feel about things. They can do whatever they want.

  5. I'm sorry that this has happened, but as you said, better finding the problem now and not during surgery.
    I hope all is well soon.
    Amanda x

  6. It's hard to hurry up and wait sometimes. Keep your chin up.

  7. I'm sorry you are having to wait Garnet...Try to stay patient and think positive...

  8. It just will give you time to rest up and get some strength! Hang tight sweetie! We're all here for you!!hughugs

  9. Garnet, Please check out my blog there is something there for you! Hope you are doing o.k.?