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Friday, June 12, 2009

I got up early this morning and showered while hubby took daughter to the drs. She is unable to drive so he has to take her to her apts. I cannot drive because of eye problems and he has to take me. So by the time he got back I was ready to go to the drs. He just seems to run to apts all the time any more. Never takes time for hisself it seems.

But my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. They said I tore all my ligaments. Not one but all and I had no cartlege left in the knee so they will perform the surgery and see what all is going wrong with it. The knee will never be good but it will be better then it is now.

I got home in time to get some dinner on and watch my Penguins win the Stanley cup and was so excited over that.

I saw this calendar on Wanda's blog and got one. Hers has a rooster on it but I have so many roosters around here on everything in my kitchen I decided to do something different. Thanks wanda. I am putting another one on my other blog.


  1. Hi Garnet, so glad the doctors realize what is wrong and that they can do something to help you. I will say prayers that your surgery goes well and you will be up and going in no time.
    So pleased to hear about your wonderful husband driving you and your daughter to doctor's. Now that is a blessing. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.....
    ....:-) Hugs

  2. I was reading some of your posts Garnet and I am sorry you are having problems. I will pray for you as well today. I noticed you posting about the cholesterol meds. I was on three different ones before they found one that didn't bother me. I would have quit taking them completely, but I had two strokes and they really wanted me to take them. They made me very sick until I took this last one. Anyway I will follow you to see how you are doing. I didn't notice when your surgery was but will keep reading. Prayers for you Garnet.

  3. I guess the surgery is good news, especially since you will feel some relief afterward. Hopefully it will be a significant some.

  4. Good Luck on Tuesday, blogpal! x

  5. Hi Garnet...Will be thinking of you Tuesday...that's good that you don't have to wait long for surgery...keep us informed and thanks for saying thanks for the calendar...but no need...I found mine at another blog too!

    Smile and take care Garnet!

  6. I want to thank all of you for your comments. I was going to write on the blog now but it will have to wait til later. Thank you all very much. **s**